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$25 Monthly After First 2 Weeks
The Membership Includes 5 Programs options to choose from 5 days a week, allowing you to have everything you want and need.

Barbell Strong: This gets you crazy strong and super comfortable with a barbell through ta powerlifting and Olympic Lifting Cycle.  These are fun workouts that have you pumped to train heavy. and the ability to cycle in your lifts 40-60 Minutes

Base Builder: Usually 40 Minutes and designed to increase your aerobic capacity in a fun way while increasing your overall fitness

Just Go & Just Go Gymnastics:  Metcons and functional workouts 20-40 Minutes.  Focuses on leaning out and getting more overall fitness.  Also has Gymnastics skill pieces included.

Bodyweight Madness & Core: No equipment required to complete unless you considering being out side for a short jog equipment, includes a core workout every other day 15-30 Minutes

High Intensity Bodybuilding: Fun fast paced bodybuilding style work with a twist.  All work can be done with DB’s, Barbells, pull ups bar, and resistance bands  20-40 minutes

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