ZeusMethod Premium

$35 - Billed Monthly

Zeus Method Premium provides our entire program (all work pieces).  This is for the Competitive athlete, or someone who wants multiple options to add to their training regimen to help them along their fitness journey.  This program will help take things to the next level.

Zeus Method is a monthly subscription Based program to enhance all aspects of fitness for $35 a month.


$20 - Billed Monthly

ZeusMuscle is for the person looking to increase overall weightlifting and Powerlifting Stregnth.  It is a 5 Day a week Program with 2 lifting pieces a day.


$20 - Billed Monthly

ZeusConditioning helps increase work capacity with a major focus on conditioning.  It is a 5 Day a week program that you can combine with any gym program or lifting program, heck you can just do this program and get CRAZY Fit!


$15 - Billed Monthly

One Workout a day for the Everyday Crossfitter... ZeusFit gives you one workout a day, you can perform in a Gym or your Garage.

ZeusAffiliate Programming

$75 - Billed Monthly

Want more time as a Gym Owner to Programmer?  Sign Up for ZeusAffiliate Programming as Gym and we will take care of it for you!

Zeus Masters

$35 - Billed Monthly

Designed for athletes over 35+ to help maximize time to help increase fitness for the Amateur or Competitive athlete.  
This program has 3 pieces a Day that will maximize time and results.